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Content Research

It’s a hazard of the job for content marketers. When you read or see a piece of high-quality content, you wonder how it got created. You ask yourself, “What does this company do to create great content? Is it great for business too?”

The simple answer is...

Relying solely on your own ideas for engaging topics is exhausting. Like any job, some tools and strategies make it easier to do better. It’s the time of year when everyone who does content work for a startup or tech company here in the Bay area wants to talk about...

Hopefully, you’re one of the 42% of content marketers who document their content marketing strategy. Which means that, before you create any piece of content, you know who you’re creating it for and what channels you’ll use to promote it.

What's your Content Score?

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Content Planning


How are you at content planning? A finely oiled machine or a bit sketchy? There was a time when I would write over 60 posts a month. One month I clocked in at 83 posts! Now, there’s no way you have to post that frequently, nowhere near in fact. The thing you do need to do in order to grow your blog and be consistent is to...


There’s one common problem I often see when auditing websites: lack of content planning behind marketing efforts. Most businesses seem to publish content only because they have heard that “Content is king” or because they saw competitors trying to put out some content too. But publishing content for the sake of publishing content is...


Are you back from the holidays facing an empty editorial calendar? Instead of sitting with your fingers hovering over your keyboard waiting for words to magically appear on your screen, tap into the power of annual content planning. To get your content marketing on track to succeed, use...

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Content Production


The biggest roadblocks in the way of content marketing success are process-related, says contributor Rachel Lindteigen. In this column, she explains how to break through.We all know content marketing is important to our businesses. We know we need to...


It’s estimated that there are 4.5 billion webpages.

If you started reading now and continued for 24 hours a day, it would take 15,556 years to read all the current webpages (an average of 500 words per page and a reading speed of 275 words per minute).

And by the time you have finished reading, in 15,556 years, can you imagine how...


Let’s just get this out of the way: I don’t know anything about hacking. I’ve never hacked anything in my life, unless you’re describing my golf swing, or you count using a Game Genie to cheat at Sega Genesis back in the early ‘90s.

In general, I find terms like...

Content Cost Calculator

Do you ever wonder how effective your content marketing processes really are? Could it be done quicker, better, more efficient? Try our Content Cost Calculator and Benchmark yourself against Industry Averages to learn where to improve.

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Content Publishing


Back in the days when print journalism ruled, major publishers had huge teams of fact-checkers and editors poring over every article before it went to press. With the move to online publishing, those responsibilities have increasingly fallen on the shoulders of...


Ever since Google started using Freshness as a ranking factor, publishing frequency and content dates have been a debate in the small world of SEO. If I don’t publish often, will Google see my site as not fresh and lower my rankings? If I publish all my content at the same time, will I be seen as a spammer?


Just over half of digital marketers say their company publishes online content daily, according to recent research from The Manifest.

However, the frequency of online publishing tends to vary significantly based on...

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Content Analysis


We all want to be data-driven marketers, but sometimes content marketers are left out of the loop and expected to run solely on creativity.

Content marketing is a creative endeavor – just as other types or marketing are – but data and analytics can...


We can probably all agree that living in the past turns out to be a little bit detrimental to progress. Most of us will also agree that 2005 has long and gone. That’s why 2005-era metrics pageviews, unique visitors, and other basic “insights” don’t...


When people think content, they often think creative. But in reality, great content marketing is a blend of both creativity and data. On the data side of the equation, our industry is still...

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We believe cost-effective customized video and content marketing that shows your industry or product knowledge across all relevant keywords and helps increase you visibility and brand name in the market should be accessible to everyone with great knowledge, not just the companies who have an own content product team and the budget for a small Hollywood movie.

The ContentTactic Magic Engine helps you produce Video Content that ranks on relevant Search Engines and increases the efficiency of your Paid Ads. And, the best news is, Cobiro never rests, constantly learning from the web and its human supervisors, so you can attend to running your business without worry.

ContentTactic manages more than 100,000 Customized and Personalized Videos across multiple countries in over 10 languages. Built and run by an amazingly talented team of marketers with the help of great developers and a network of SEO, CPC and Content Marketing experts from all corners of the world, ContentTactic serves as a resource and content production provider for companies and professionals worldwide.

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